Inside Nature -

Third prize in an open competition. 


The building is intended to be used as a camp. It can be one or more depending on the needs. As the years pass by it slowly and inevitable becomes an integrated part of its surroundings. The hiker will find a John Bauer like camp to rest in for the night. The ellipsoid, with its solid and non directional strength, makes it possible for a diverse placing in an uneven context. Concrete steel is sprayed with concrete containing insulation. After completion the building is flown to the chosen sight. 


The jury´s comments  about the entry: "Rather than trying to embody every aspect of the brief within the architecture, Inside Outside leaves both the educational and recreational aspects of the brief to nature itself. By offering simple and flexible lodging structures that over time will merge with their surroundings, the proposal invites people to experience the High Coast on nature’s terms. The straightforwardness of both design and presentation creates a simple but enticing invitation to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the High Coast: a proposal that provides an intuitive approach to nature with minimum interference and maximum longevity."